Our Story

Kuumba Dancers and Drummers, is a community based organization that offers classes and train their members ranging from young children and adults of all ages. Based in Tampa, Florida since 1980, Kuumba has provided numerous audiences with their insightful display of traditional African folkdance, music songs and storytelling.

Presentations consist of extensive research with diverse artists and include dance and music traditions of the African diaspora. Kuumba Dancers and Drummers strive to present an authentic experience to their audiences while preserving and nurturing the art form for generations to come.

They have delighted audiences across the state of Florida and as far away as Canada, performing at schools, colleges, churches, libraries, theme parks, corporate events and festivals as well as opening for internationally known artists.

Kuumba Dancers and Drummers also offer dance and music workshops in their quest to enhance appreciation of this art form and to encourage artistic appreciation from every walk of life. Kuumba Dancers and Drummers are dedicated to fostering and promoting the historical contribution of African culture. 

“No matter how far the stream flows, it never forgets its source.”
— African Proverb